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Jessica and Bill Freese

Pictures came out so great, we had her come back when our daughter was born

African Bride and Groom getting married in Atlanta, GA

Albert & Judy Rwehumbiza

The wedding album design was phenomenal

Our wedding photographer was very professional, creative and she absolutely met all our expectations and more. Also, the wedding album design was phenomenal. We both highly recommend her services. The amount of detail she gave to each photo was just awesome. I especially loved it when she came to the where the groom and his party were getting dressed at. She was all down on the floor taking pictures of my shoes and my groomsmen’s. She really paid attention to details."




Bonita Bailey



Special gift for capturing the moment

We have truly enjoyed working with you and have been very pleased with the work that you have done for us.  You are an absolutely stunning photographer and truly have a special gift for capturing the moment. 


Deena Kegler-Ebo 

The most beautiful images on canvas

 "The canvas order arrived in the week that you notified me.  I had the ideal to  gather the family together to unveil them.  On Thursday night, they were unopened and sitting in the foyer when my husband came in from his drive from Charlotte.  By Friday morning he began to query me as to what that box was.  I didn't give straight answer, only that it was mine.  I had hoped to open it on that Friday night but a late football game and other activities for my girls kept us from it.  Finally on Saturday morning, I asked everyone to gather to see my late birthday present to myself. I started this present to myself business a few years ago.  Why leave my entire happiness on my birthday to others?


Everyone was curious as to what was in this large package! I began sing to as I peeled away the packaging. and slowly pulled out the most beautiful images on canvas that we own. You said they were beautiful so I had high expectations. Let me tell you that I feel they are gorgeous.......well worth it. Our skin is so smooth, teeth so white and the colors are so brilliant. My husband said they were beautiful and my teen girls raved over them. Adanne said, "I am so beautiful" and Adamma said everyone's smile is so wonderful, They are sooooooo nice. We are all quite pleased.

They have not found their home on the chosen wall yet. Adanne insist they must be hung in our family room for all to see. So we are likely to remove an existing painting to accommodate each canvas. For now they rest in our dinning room and have gotten praise equal to ours from family. ...


Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing your talent and quality work with us. We appreciate you.


Aaron and Tyra

We were very blessed to have you work with us

Hi N'neka,

The large frame arrived yesterday, I opened it today. It is absolutely stunning, it was so worth the wait. Thank you so much for everything, ... We were very blessed to have you work with us and I look forward to working with you for the wedding. Tell your mother that she picked a great frame for us as well and thank you! Have a great weekend and look forward tp hearing from you soon.




Alystia and Fransua
You truly captured the moment.

"I honestly had a blast......... Actually we both had a blast. It was soo much fun!! And to think he enjoyed it. Who wouldve thought. The pictures just made me smile and laugh. They are awesome. You truly captured the moment. I dont know what we were smiling or laughing about in one of those photos but it makes me re-live that moment. I CANT WAIT TO SEE THE OTHER PHOTOS!!!!!

They look great!!!!!! Already pleased. 

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