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How a Great Photographer Can Ruin Your Wedding

You see a photographer’s online portfolio and love their work. You meet them and they confidently tell about the beautiful images they will capture. You hire them and are excited about the beautiful wedding album you’ll have. But on your wedding day, the most special day of your life, their obnoxious and disruptive behavior ruin your day.

How to avoid it – Questions to ask

How do you approach shooting a ceremony?

Do you move around or do you stand in one spot. When there aren’t restrictions on shooting during a ceremony, I will move around to capture various angles. However, I’m always mindful of guests and do not want to be a distraction. I do not walk across the front of the pews in view of all the guests. I generally will avoid being on alters, especially if they’re as small as the one in the video. If it’s a larger alter & I can maintain 10+ feet of space separation or I can hide behind a column or large floral arrangement, I will quickly go and get the shot. I do not plant myself in guests view or continually walk around causing attention.

Where will your 2nd shooter be positioned?

When shooting with a second, they’re instructed to do the same as I am. With two photographers, we may move a little less because they are getting complementary images not duplicate.

How do you work around videographers?

I speak with the videographers prior to the ceremony and ask how they plan to approach the ceremony. I am always aware of their position and when possible avoid being in front of their camera. I will walk behind or crouch under if necessary. I cannot avoid being in the video 100% but I am easily edited out by a skilled professional. Key moments need to be captured by both photography & video teams, so I will not plant myself in front, blocking all views.

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