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Do you need a second photographer?

I see this question come up a lot on bridal forums and even photography forums. There are pros and cons to having a second photographer. What most photographers won’t tell you that  all comes down to the personal preference of the photographer and how they work best. Portraits of the bride and groom in different locations were taken at the same time, before the ceremony. I prefer having a second photographer (a professional not a student, assistant or camera holder) because it benefits me and my style of shooting. It keeps me relaxed and able to focus on moments and emotions around me. It allows me to take some creative risks, because I know another trusted professional is getting the safe shots. But I can, and often do, photograph a wedding alone. I know other very talented photographers that prefer to shoot alone. They find a second photographer to be a distraction. They work better when they’re in their own zone and don’t have to direct another person. Sometimes they’ve had problems finding a competent second shooter that won’t get in their way. One moment, two perspectives. My advice is to base your decision on the work of the photographer you’re considering […]

Seven Loving Ways to Honor Lost Loved Ones at Your Wedding

Your wedding day will be one of the most memorable days of your life, and as wonderful as it is, it can be tough to plan when you have lost a loved one. Most couples want to acknowledge their loved one, but aren’t sure how to find the balance between honoring them without dampening the joyous spirit of the day. There a numerous ways you can acknowledge those you’ve lost so you feel as though your loved ones are with you as you celebrate your special day. Here are seven ways to honor lost loved ones at your wedding. Tribute in the wedding program When you create your wedding program include a “in loving memory” section where you can write a short message about them. Create a photo table As part of your wedding décor, create a small table where you place memorable pictures of them. Light a candle Light a candle, and place in a special place in your wedding venue such as on the entryway table or near the wedding cake. Wear something they gave you Nothing’s more special than wearing something they gave you, such as a necklace or hair piece. Reserve a special seat for them […]

Wanted: Real Couple for a Styled Wedding Shoot

Do you hate your wedding photos? Do you not have any wedding photos to hate? Are you planning (or did you plan) a quick, no-fuss trip to the courthouse? Are you a fun-loving couple who loves an excuse to get dressed up? I’m looking for you! ...

Two Wedding Dresses

Many brides are choosing to change wedding dresses at the wedding.  The most common reason is brides have chosen a heavy formal gown for their ceremony and want a lighter options for reception dancing.  

Wedding Makeup Tip

A great wedding makeup tip is to make sure you are not the last to have your makeup applied. If anything runs late, you won’t have enough time for your bridal portraits.

Atlanta Wedding Photographer Meet & Greet

Atlanta Brides! I’m excited to be hosting my first ever Meet & Greet at bouchic boutique + lounge on February 25th.   Get answers to your top wedding photography questions and  personalized advice from a few of my favorite Atlanta wedding vendors.  Even more exciting…you may have a chance to win a FREE photography package. Sample appetizers and desserts from Edible Endeavors and Cakes by La’Meeka.  Shop stylish outfits and accessories for your engagement party, and preview wedding dresses from Ivory Bridal and Formal, Atlanta’s newest upscale bridal salon.  Be inspired by stylish floral designs from FSB-Events and custom wedding invitations from NeatCards, Inc.  Take home a SWAG BAG filled with special offers and goodies. The event is Free , but RSVP is required. Wedding Photography FAQ Get answers to the most common wedding photography questions such as: How much should I spend on photography? Do I need a second photographer? Do I need the copyright to the photos? How many photos should I expect? Can I send a list of must have photos or my Pinterest board? Will a student, new or amateur photographer be good enough? Will all my pictures be retouched?

Atlanta Wedding Inspiration: Motion Blur

My goal in creating wedding photos is to give the viewer a since of what it felt like to be present in that wedding.  There is always a lot of energy and excitement going on and one technique I occasionally use to capture that is motion blur. Motion blur is the intentional use of blur to imply movement. There are a variety of ways to use but I especially love motion blur on the dance floor. We’re used to seeing those moments frozen, but sometimes it’s nice to see the movement. There are some tricks to pulling this off and it doesn’t always work, but when it does, it can be a nice and unique way to preserve a moment.  

Atlanta Weddings: Flare

So another technique I like to incorporate is the use of flare in my portraits.  Flare is the circles of light you get when you shoot towards the sun (or any light source). It’s caused when light bounces around inside the lens and hits the film or digital sensor. If it’s too much light or at the wrong angle it can ruin a photo. Done correctly it can really add a beautiful element. Here are a few examples.  

Atlanta Wedding Inspiration: Reflections

I love incorporating reflective surfaces into portraits. Mirrors are the most common but any shiny surface like glass, polished stone or even water will do. I generally have to see the image in my mind before I can place the subjects and frame the shot. Check out a few of my favorite photos which incorporate reflections.

Lunch and Lounge at the Loft at Castleberry Hill

Last week I attended Lunch and Lounge at the Loft at Castleberry Hill, an event and wedding facility just east of downtown. This is a nice space for any bride looking for a chic, urban setting and has great views of downtown. I especially love the canvas paintings on the ceiling. Here are just a few photos of the event.