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Ideal Times for Your Photography

On your wedding day, I’m sure you will want photos of everything! From candid shots of wedding accessories such as shoes and rings, to genuine and natural portraits, and pictures of the wedding venue. However, it’s important to remember that taking these photographs takes time so you should do a little planning of the important memories you want captured. I work with my couples to create a timeline that ensures all the important details are photographed. Here are a few tips for creating ideal times for your photography. RINGS, DRESS, SHOES AND OTHER DETAILS I’m sure you love the beautiful shots of the wedding rings laying on the table, the bride’s dress hanging before you put it on, or the bridal bouquet. It’s best to have these photos taken early before the mayhem begins. Have these items ready and waiting for your photographer to arrive. I generally spend 15-20 minutes on these details. PREPARATION If you’d like to have photos taken as you get makeup done, and get dressed, I would suggest giving your photographer at least an hour to get these photos. These will be some of the most emotional images, highlighting the anticipation of what’s to come.  This […]

Consumer vs Professional Wedding Album

In my last post, I talked about 5 reasons you should consider having a wedding album instead of relying solely on digital photos to re-live and share your wedding memories. Now I’ll explain the differences between a consumer and professional wedding album. When I meet with brides, they are often unsure of the type of wedding album they want. They’re always surprised at the cost of an album. After seeing deals for albums on consumer sites like Shutterfly, for such a low cost they have a hard time determining what makes a professional album worth the money.  Even many professional photographers, offer inexpensive, cheaply made albums. Their price to the bride is often less than my wholesale cost before images are added.  So here are a few things to consider when choosing between a professional versus consumer album, that can make your purchase decision a bit easier.   Album Assembly Many albums companies have to compromise on materials & assembly to keep costs down. They use PVC in album pages which can cause the image to deteriorate over time. The paper may also fade or yellow over time. Another common issue is cracks or a pink line may develop in the […]

Atlanta Wedding Photographer Prices

Have you been searching Atlanta wedding photographers online and gotten sticker shock. You’ve noticed there is a HUGE difference in what Atlanta wedding photographers charge. Unfortunately it’s not really possible to make direct comparisons because it’s such a personal service. But here are a few reasons why there’s such a big difference. 1. Talent & skill Talent is the biggest factor in determining the value of a wedding photographer. Some are downright bad, possessing no fundamental knowledge of photography and relying on their camera to get the shot. In the middle you have the mediocre, or what I call competent wedding photographers. Yes, they can get the job done with proper exposures and create nice pictures, but the images are boring and uninspired. They don’t elicit any emotional response. Finally there are those with true talent to create or capture an image. Their images are captivating and draw the viewer in. I believe having a photographic eye is inside a person and can’t be learned. It can be developed with experience but not learned. With that comes the skill, or the knowledge of the technical side of photography needed to pull off your vision. Skill without talent is why some […]

Brides Against Breast Cancer Wedding Gown Sale

Last night was the sneak preview of the annual “Brides Against Breast Cancer” charitable gown sale. The turn out was great with lots of brides leaving with wedding dresses. I brought 15 gift bags to give to brides who bought gowns and ran out of all of them before the end of the evening. The sale officially starts today so if you haven’t found your wedding dress you don’t want to miss this sale. There are over a thousand dressing including designer styles and the prices are great. Every year this charitable gown sale raises thousands of dollars for Making Memories Foundation, a non-profit that grants last wishes for terminal breast cancer patients. Look for me or my display when you enter the sale. Tomorrow I’ll be there to volunteer and I hope to have the opportunity to try on a dress or two. For more information please visit  

5 Wedding Photographer Must-know’s

Though well worth it in the long run, the cost of hiring a wedding photographer to capture priceless memories can be pricey. That’s why, when investing in wedding photography, it’s important to make sure that you’re getting precisely what you want. To do that, ask the photographers you speak with these key questions. What is your background? No, I don’t mean what kind of degrees, awards you have. Since photography is a creative profession, judging by formal training versus a natural eye isn’t necessarily the way to go. Instead, use what you learn about a wedding photographer’s background to help you understand what motivates them to shoot and why they shoot they way they do. If you like what you hear, keep them on your short list of wedding photographers; if not, move on. Which genres do you shoot the most? What is your specialty? Most photographers are NOT one-size fits all vendors. For instance, the type of shooting that’s done for a fashion editorial is very different that a portrait session. And a great portrait only photographer may not do well under the stress and timeline of a wedding day. Therefore, it’s important to know what the photographer is […]

Wedding Photojournalism

Wedding Faux-tojournalism What Wedding Photojournalism is Not! Have you ever seen candid photos of a bridal party all jumping in the air? That is a common example of wedding faux-tojournalism, a term coined by fellow photographer. While it’s possible that the jump was spontaneous, it’s likely that the shot was requested by either the wedding party or photographer and staged. The photographer would likely have determined the best location where there are no distracting elements in the background. He or she would direct them to do it several times ensuring the entire party was frozen in the air. These are fun shots, but they’re usually not photojournalism. Photojournalism, simply put, is telling a story with pictures. It does not matter if the image is in color or black & white or if the angle is tilted. Candid snapshots are not an example of photojournalism if it doesn’t tell a story. Pick up your favorite editorial newspaper or magazine and look at the photos and read the captions. They all say who, what, where, when and why. While I have never been a newspaper or magazine photographer, I am a wedding photojournalist. I attended a seminar hosted by a team of […]

Santa Claus is Coming to You

Would you like a visit from Santa Clause?  Avoid the long lines at the mall and schedule an in home visit and portrait session with Santa. Santa Sessions are $250 and will be available on weekends from Nov 22 – Dec 16.  A percentage of the session fee will be donated to charities serving the needs of disadvantaged youth.  Recieve a complimentary gift print when a toy donation.  Email or call now to reserve your session.

Custom Designed Greeting Cards

I offer custom designed greeting cards for any occasion.  You may choose as many images as you want & personalize the text for one low design fee. Here are a few samples of holiday cards.

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