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Are Your Recommended Vendors Costing You Money?

Planning for a wedding can definitely be overwhelming, especially when you don’t know who the best florist, caterer, or photographer are in your area.  It can lead to hours of googling any and every one in hopes that you will find someone who can do a decent job. So, I’m sure that you are appreciative of any recommendations that you receive whether it’s from a friend, family member, or wedding vendor. However, when getting recommendations I encourage you to ask some questions, to be sure these list of people are being recommended because they are great at their craft, and not because they paid to be put on a “preferred vendors” list. In the wedding industry there are companies who have what are known as kickbacks, in which vendors help one another in exchange for some type of fee or commission. One of the most popular type of kickbacks that I’m most weary of is the preferred vendors list. This is a practice in which companies will create a list of recommendations that include planners, venues, and other vendors who paid to be on the list. The creator of this list may not know what type of work they do, […]

How a Great Photographer Can Ruin Your Wedding

You see a photographer’s online portfolio and love their work. You meet them and they confidently tell about the beautiful images they will capture. You hire them and are excited about the beautiful wedding album you’ll have. But on your wedding day, the most special day of your life, their obnoxious and disruptive behavior ruin your day. How to avoid it – Questions to ask How do you approach shooting a ceremony? Do you move around or do you stand in one spot. When there aren’t restrictions on shooting during a ceremony, I will move around to capture various angles. However, I’m always mindful of guests and do not want to be a distraction. I do not walk across the front of the pews in view of all the guests. I generally will avoid being on alters, especially if they’re as small as the one in the video. If it’s a larger alter & I can maintain 10+ feet of space separation or I can hide behind a column or large floral arrangement, I will quickly go and get the shot. I do not plant myself in guests view or continually walk around causing attention. Where will your 2nd shooter […]

Ideal Times for Your Photography

On your wedding day, I’m sure you will want photos of everything! From candid shots of wedding accessories such as shoes and rings, to genuine and natural portraits, and pictures of the wedding venue. However, it’s important to remember that taking these photographs takes time so you should do a little planning of the important memories you want captured. I work with my couples to create a timeline that ensures all the important details are photographed. Here are a few tips for creating ideal times for your photography. RINGS, DRESS, SHOES AND OTHER DETAILS I’m sure you love the beautiful shots of the wedding rings laying on the table, the bride’s dress hanging before you put it on, or the bridal bouquet. It’s best to have these photos taken early before the mayhem begins. Have these items ready and waiting for your photographer to arrive. I generally spend 15-20 minutes on these details. PREPARATION If you’d like to have photos taken as you get makeup done, and get dressed, I would suggest giving your photographer at least an hour to get these photos. These will be some of the most emotional images, highlighting the anticipation of what’s to come.  This […]

Consumer vs Professional Wedding Album

In my last post, I talked about 5 reasons you should consider having a wedding album instead of relying solely on digital photos to re-live and share your wedding memories. Now I’ll explain the differences between a consumer and professional wedding album. When I meet with brides, they are often unsure of the type of wedding album they want. They’re always surprised at the cost of an album. After seeing deals for albums on consumer sites like Shutterfly, for such a low cost they have a hard time determining what makes a professional album worth the money.  Even many professional photographers, offer inexpensive, cheaply made albums. Their price to the bride is often less than my wholesale cost before images are added.  So here are a few things to consider when choosing between a professional versus consumer album, that can make your purchase decision a bit easier.   Album Assembly Many albums companies have to compromise on materials & assembly to keep costs down. They use PVC in album pages which can cause the image to deteriorate over time. The paper may also fade or yellow over time. Another common issue is cracks or a pink line may develop in the […]

Do you really need a wedding album?

As a wedding photographer it’s my job to capture all the wondrous and joyous moments during your wedding day that you may not notice or see because you’re enjoying and living your day. Whether it be the moment you kiss your spouse, or your flower girl dancing on the dancefloor, or the look in your mom’s eyes during your first dance. Wouldn’t you love to look back on these moments throughout the years and share them with your family? I’ve talked to many soon to be brides about why an album is such a great investment and many of them had common reasons as to why they didn’t want an album:   They’re too expensive They feel they can make one themselves They feel there’s no need to purchase one right away, and they’ll do it later They don’t think they’ll ever look at it So, here are 5 reasons why you would appreciate and should invest in a wedding album. It’s a great way to establish family legacy What’s better than being able to begin a legacy for future generations to reminisce about and even use as inspiration as they plan their weddings? With a wedding album, your day will be […]

Seven Loving Ways to Honor Lost Loved Ones at Your Wedding

Your wedding day will be one of the most memorable days of your life, and as wonderful as it is, it can be tough to plan when you have lost a loved one. Most couples want to acknowledge their loved one, but aren’t sure how to find the balance between honoring them without dampening the joyous spirit of the day. There a numerous ways you can acknowledge those you’ve lost so you feel as though your loved ones are with you as you celebrate your special day. Here are seven ways to honor lost loved ones at your wedding. Tribute in the wedding program When you create your wedding program include a “in loving memory” section where you can write a short message about them. Create a photo table As part of your wedding décor, create a small table where you place memorable pictures of them. Light a candle Light a candle, and place in a special place in your wedding venue such as on the entryway table or near the wedding cake. Wear something they gave you Nothing’s more special than wearing something they gave you, such as a necklace or hair piece. Reserve a special seat for them […]

Valentine’s Day Dinner pt 3

As the couples finished their meals catered by Sonesta Gwinnet Place and the Muna Coterie Valentine’s Day dinner began coming to an end, the couples continued to talk and laugh with each other over a glass of wine.  Mr. McClenton continued to serenade them on the flute and Daniella shared with the group how she met the love of her life. Daniella met Michael on Tinder, a popular dating app. Although she was “anti-online dating,” she felt it would be a good way to meet new people. After being matched, Daniella and Michael chatted for a couple of weeks before meeting in person. On their first date Michael took her out for a fun night of dinner and dancing on River Street in Savannah, Ga, which led to their loving relationship.When they began looking for rings, Daniella’s mom recommended that they reset her engagement ring. So she gave Michael the engagement ring to “hold” which he put on a necklace that he wore daily. Surprisingly, Michael lost the ring one weekend, and couldn’t find it. Daniella stated she was “livid and cried because of the sentimental value.” Little did she know, Michael had found the ring and had a big surprise for her. While […]

Valentine’s Day Dinner (pt. 2)

The Muna Coterie Valentine’s Day Dinner continued as the couples continued to have fun talking and dancing. Anita Baker was soon requested and played by Mr. McClenton, the flutist. Soon they each gathered around to watch just one of 5 meals prepared in front of them by the fabulous Sonesta chef. Meals varied from delicious appetizers like asparagus risotto to amazing entres such as chicken milanese. While wining and dining Arielle shared her love story with the others. Arielle met the love of her life,Leland, during her undergrad years at Tuskegee University in 2009. They formed a great friendship, but after graduation Leland moved to Nashville and while Arielle stayed at Tuskegee to attend Veterinary school. It was after her first year of vet school, Leland and Daniella rekindled their friendship which quickly turned into a relationship. Daniella says she knew they were meant to be together, and since 2013 she has been “the happiest woman alive.” During a visit to Nashville, to visit Leland, they visited Tennessee State museum which she fell in love with and became her favorite spot that she insisted they visit every time she came to visit him. On January 1st 2016, after the Nashville New Years […]

Valentine’s Day Dinner

  A couple of weeks ago, Munaluchi hosted a special culinary event for 3 newly engaged couples, with the help of their Coterie members. Being that Valentine’s Day is in February, it has been deemed the month of love, and this event celebrated that love among these newly engaged couples. The night began in an intimate setting beautifully designed by Enraptured Events. Each couple began to introduce and talk amongst themselves while enjoying a glass of wine. After a few minutes of laughing while music by Mr. McClenton played in the background, Kisha and Sean shared their story. Kisha met her love Sean through a mutual friend, as they attended a birthday party together. That night they enjoyed each other’s company as they casually chatted, but lost touch soon after. It wasn’t until a couple of months later that they happened to run into each other again, as they each went out with mutual friends. It was then that Sean began to pursue Kisha, which led to a friendship, which we all know is the foundation to a great relationship. Towards the end of 2015, Kisha began to feel that a proposal was coming, but to her surprise he still hadn’t popped […]